Reasonable Adjustments

I don’t know if this justifies its own thread but I couldn’t think where to ask it so I’m going to ask it here and if a mod wants to pop it somewhere more fitting then I’d be cool with that.

I’m trying to get a job, and I’m a bit limited because of certain health problems within my family - not myself, I need to add. I was wondering whether or not there’s anything with the reasonable adjustments legal framework that applies for caring for family? I mean, there’s probably not, but there’s a lot of highly knowledgeable people here who may have the answer.


Yeah, I think as far as flexible working goes you have to be with the employer for six months and then make a request - that might be a bridge too far, but would at least make it look like I had tried to fit a situation rather than going in with a pre-existing issue. Something to consider though. Thanks!

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Frankly, anything. I’m really hoping to hear back from the Council about some admin temping, but I’m looking at everything, call centres, retail, whatever. Just need a regular-paying job, freelancing has become a living hell. I’ve got a call-centre assessment tomorrow but they stipulate in the advert that it’s rotating shifts, and I don’t know if I can commit to that and still manage my other responsibilities.

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Yup as @ttf says - reasonable adjustments are generally put in place for people that require certain things in place for health reasons. I have them in place for MH reasons allowing me to work from home two days a week - even managed to get my noise cancelling headphones expensed (I didn’t ask, it was offered).

In terms of flexible working, I think I’m right in saying that any reasonable request has to be considered by the employer and certainly any request where I work doesn’t depend on length of service or anything like that. We have a big focus on the moment about what rights carers have and how the company can support that balance for those people that do have responsibilities as a carer.

Am I right that you’re Cardiff based? If so, I can have a look and see what vacancies we have there and fire them across by PM to see if anything might work for you along with some bumpf (love that word) on the company’s carers policy.

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Thanks, I think that as I’m heading in at the bottom of the pile I’m looking at jobs which really don’t suit flexibility well, I think the fact that I’m in a bit of a panic about it doesn’t help. Regarding your last para, yes, I am in Cardiff and that would be extremely kind, thank you!

Also bumpf is one of my favourite words, it’s ace.

going to be honest, quite disappointed this isn’t a thread arguing about central heating


Oh, you can do that here as well if you like. I’m forever having to sort ours out because people keep changing it. On for two periods of the day, 17 degrees maximum is plenty hot enough guys.

But also, yeah, employment regulations chat welcomed thanks

“oh it’s a bit cold, i’ll turn the heating completely full blast for tomorrow”

that is not a reasonable adjustment imo