Reasonably amusing story of misunderstanding from my morning commute

Near my house I pulled out onto quite a tight road, it was only just starting to get light. A dog ran out in front of me, I was going slowly but still had to stand on my breaks. In shock I turned my head to the side of the road the dog was running and I shouted ‘FUCK’ at which point I was looking directly and making eye contact with a woman putting something in the boot of her car. So all she saw at this stage was a man emergency stop next to her and shout fuck while looking at her.

Fortunately the dog dawdled up to her after that and I assume she worked out what happened.

Shall I post this… it’s not that funny… better than nothing I suppose.


I would have found this quite surprising tbqh

Too late #editprick!

You’ve ruined the anecdote of the year with your pedantry.




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This has done me, face bright red trying to surpress the laughter


i fuck, he’s only gone and edited it out.

what kind of dog

Someone just asked if I’m ok and I can’t explain that the mental image of a lady seeing a car suddenly stop, the window wind down and then a balloon shout “I FUCK” at her


Mid sized, black I think, slightly curly. Hard to tell when It’s barking ‘I fuck’.

dog walking past the car, confused as fuck too

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lost it at this


I would like it to be known that I did not wind the window down.

inflated head appears from sunroof

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I also misspelled brakes.

There’s a thread on mumsnet from a confused woman asking if dogging is the use of a dog as a distraction when a man drives past and tells a woman that he fucks


Why don’t they offer finance on the most expensive one? That is the one you need finance for the most!

(imagine getting a ‘feature plate’ on finance! Oooh I need it so badly.)

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I like OF11 CCK

Kind of looks like “OH FUCK!!!”