Reasonably amusing story of misunderstanding from my morning commute


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This has done me, face bright red trying to surpress the laughter


i fuck, he’s only gone and edited it out.

what kind of dog

Someone just asked if I’m ok and I can’t explain that the mental image of a lady seeing a car suddenly stop, the window wind down and then a balloon shout “I FUCK” at her


Mid sized, black I think, slightly curly. Hard to tell when It’s barking ‘I fuck’.

dog walking past the car, confused as fuck too

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lost it at this


I would like it to be known that I did not wind the window down.

inflated head appears from sunroof

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I also misspelled brakes.

There’s a thread on mumsnet from a confused woman asking if dogging is the use of a dog as a distraction when a man drives past and tells a woman that he fucks


Why don’t they offer finance on the most expensive one? That is the one you need finance for the most!

(imagine getting a ‘feature plate’ on finance! Oooh I need it so badly.)

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I like OF11 CCK

Kind of looks like “OH FUCK!!!”

I don’t get it

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I think they go on your bedroom door, I’ve seen them in films

Looks more like ‘ofal cock’ to me.

mmmm ofal cock

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talking of which what’s going on with yor shit whole area and stray dogs running around? Didn’t the fullroaster hit one the other week?
(u said he was quite shaken up I hope he is ok and the dog wasn’t badly hurt)

That was about ten miles from where I live and I think he killed it. Wasn’t his fault by the sound of it but I think he struggled to sleep for a few nights after.