Rebecca Black

New EP out today, has come a long way since Friday, gotta admit I’m liking what I hear so far. Maybe a bit OTT busy with the production, reminds me a bit of Max Tundra in that sense.

great artwork

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Well… okay then. Fair play to her - enduring essentially world-wide humiliation and mockery for releasing a silly but genuinely awful piece of music as a teenage and somehow still sticking it out to produce something decent and interesting. Think I probably would have burned all my music and run away to live in a remote forest cabin under the same circumstances.

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Personal is great

Really want a diamond encrusted chainsaw now

Fair play to her. That’s a brutal thing to bounce back from.

Personally I’m astounded ‘Friday’ was only 10 years ago. Feels like a lot longer than that. :older_man:t2:

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Also can’t imagine many more worse songs than ‘Friday’ must be flying around TikTok these days.