When was the last time you recallibrated something?

When I get out of a train station and open Google Maps, it usually doesn’t know which way is fucking which so you have to do that figure of 8 thing to get it back on board. Even then though I’m still not convinced. End up walking 50m in any direction just to see where my position has changed to relatively.

Did you know about the figure 8 thing already?

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Recalibrated the latency of my Switch playing Crypt of the Necrodancer yesterday

Did it help?

Maybe a bit, I think I’m just not very good at the game

If at first you don’t succeed

recalibrate my power meter before every ride even though they say you don’t have to

Why do you do it then?

just good practice i reckon


Recalibrated my kitchen scales when weighing some cereal the other morning


ooh that’s a good one!

figured out it’s easier to measure stuff out a jar by putting the whole jar on the scales and measuring how much i take out rather than put the bowl onto the scales and measure how much i’m putting in

you feel me

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Recalibrate my phone compass whenever I open the star map thing to find out what the really bright thing is. Absolutely no point, it’s always Jupiter.


As if you’re getting 100% material transfer.



Is it though?

it is though

for some stuff anyway (like peanut butter) loads of it always sticks to the spoon and then i eat it off the spoon but i know how much it is because it tells me how much came out the jar

Oh well you didn’t specify this was for wet products. I agree.

100% with you on this. I also do stuff like put the pan on the scales to avoid dirtying tablespoons for measuring out oil or whatever.

I always measure out 88g/ml of oat milk into the little jug for my little Marimeko cup of coffee

I’ve recalibrated my outlook

that’s very specific


How much do you measure out?

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I imagined you said (typed) this in a Canadian accent and it was fun

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