Need to recalibrate my vinyls player, plays slightly too fast

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I used to have a job for a major electronics manufacturer and sometimes I’d bum around in the recalibration lab and all the recalibration lads down there would be all ‘oh no you can’t go in there without putting dust proof shoe covers on’ and I’d be like ‘mate, do I look like a dust proof shoe cover wearer?’ and they’d ask me to leave


through the nation

Keep having to recalibrate the left controller on my Switch as it’s leaning left for some reason but I think it’s buggered

I keep getting Link to climb up a cliff then the silly twat jumps off it

Sent ours to nintendo as it kept doing this. Fixed/replaced it for free.



recalibrated my monitor the other day

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Stunning. Lost for words. A @ma0sm thread that has been both helpful and informative.

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Remember calibrating yer lightgun on yer playstation for Time Crisis?

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  • I don’t!
  • Get fucked Peter Kay!

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I was so hyped to get my hands on that gun

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I’ve tried re recalibrating my phone using that tilt it one way then the other then move it left and move it right thing before. like fuck did that work.

As for the last thing i recalibrated. IDK, might have been my Whammy 4 pedal. think it’s a bit broken though. you need to press down fully on it and it goes out of tune if you take your foot off.

I tried recalibrating some kitchen scales once but they needed to know stuff like my height from sea level and my grid coordinates.