Received any good compliments lately?

Feel free to share them here. If not I will give you a good honest compliment from the heart.

(hope it’s a compliment and not a complement I know one of them has something to do with chefs idk)

lol no


I doubt you want a compliment from me but you’re a really smart and funny guy, really seem like you have your shit together.

I think this is exactly what I was going to post

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“No way you’re 42 thought you were about 30. Honestly?”

“What’s it like being with a big group who are all on coke, when you’re not on coke” (was on coke)


Nope, never really been a complimentee.

Funky you are a lovely generous man


Hyg, your hair is luxurious


yeah I feel like funky is definitely a nicer and more humble person than me so can only respect that

I admire your stance at work and staying home during covid to benefit your loved ones

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My manager told me my hair looked lovely and healthy and luxurious today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then she put her contact lenses in ahahahahaha


A man outside the pub the other day said I had nice teeth


well for me, I saw this comment on one of my silly youtube covers the other day

“To me this is the very best cover on the Internet!”

was actually really touching that somebody could think that, that a mere mortal from East Northants could create somebody’s favourite cover on youtube, got a bit choked up tbh


The only compliments I ever get are about my hair, and I never entirely agree with them

you seem like a straight up good guy with no pretence, like you come across as really even keeled and honest and dependable y’know? Like on here you are never trying too hard and always give your honest opinion, I can really respect that and wish I was more like that myself.

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That was an attempted mugging you just walked of before they said “be a shame if they were on the floor”

Aww. And you’re nowhere near as bad as people make out



Im sound and anyone that says otherwise is a god damn liar.

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And I’m modest

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I will say that I remember getting into some snide arguments with @safebruv and he has put that aside and been nice and supportive to me, it’s so easy to hold a grudge on the internet and I think it says a lot about somebody’s character that they can let that go, definitely gained a lot of respect for that.