Receiving Emails Not Meant For You

My brother got an email a couple of days ago meant for someone else who happened to share his name. It contained a legal document that needed a DocuSign signature, so he signed it as below (blurred due to nature of signature).

He just let me know that the signature has now been accepted by all parties.

Happens to me quite a lot, used to document some of the fun I had with it but then stopped when I grew up a bit and realised it was a mean thing to do.


Oh someones gonna get sacked over that no?

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that is very mean, yes

this one has done me though

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Dude your band sucks balls. If I was that bad, I’d kill myself…

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Used to be a Director at my old job with my name, used to get a lot of emails meant for him often with sign off for project budgets and stuff. Once went to an awards ceremony he was also attending and was given his suite when I checked in. Apparently he was furious. Never met the bloke.

Bet he was a fucking dick.


There’s a person with my name who used to write for Time Out in Dubai, but now writes the magazine Delayed Gratification. I don’t get so many wrong emails as I did about ten years ago, it’s more likely to be twitter mentions that were meant for him now. He’s a nice guy - he’s doing the name proud.

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I love a well-placed cock and balls as much as the next person but this seems like a bit of a dick move (if you’ll excuse the terminology)


Did you ever finish Breaking Bad in the end?

nah got bored some point in season 1. all a bit rubbish wasn’t it really?

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how many dozens of hours of terrible TV do you watch before giving up on a programme m9?

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I’ve watched entire seasons of things before deciding that I definitely didn’t like them. I’ll basically always finish books that I hate, too.

I’m not really defending this position.

Get this quite a lot cause my email address is basically just my name @ common-email-service dot com.

Notable one is someone who signed up for using my addy, which is weird because their profile shows they don’t even have the same first name as me. More surprising is that will let you start a paid membership without validating your email address first.

Have you ever seen a man named Hank Scorpio before?

haha, yes, once.


A few years back I was inexplicably included in a round of emails between an executive at Universal in Los Angeles and various other parties discussing buying copyright of songs for use in films. I have no idea why this could happen. I didn’t interfere. I just enjoyed reading the to and fro until I was suddenly excluded from the emails.

Got an e-mail from a woman in LA asking if I was going to the Chieftains gig there at the weekend. Apparently I’m a big fan of theirs?

I get a lot of mail for a guy in Canada cannot get it through to his contacts that his email address is nameinitialsurname, rather than namesurname, which is mine. Mostly very very boring stuff about local politics.
Also some dude in England signed up for a cheaters website using my email address, they let it go through without verification and also emailed me his contact details. I was tempted to mail it all to his wife but didn’t because I’m not actually that much of a prick.