Recent addictions / things you've got a taste for



For me, it’s these.

Not specifically this brand, but any iced coffee you get in the supermarket. It’s dangerous.

WBU, hun?


Nandos Perinaise with chips. Even if it sounds a bit… crotchy.


‘Keep your chin’

Some pretty bold marketing there.


Got a habit of using the hot pepper sauce which is too spicy to enjoy, but I cant get enough of it


i had one of those with something like ginger in it.

was rank.


Cold noodle salad w/ tofu


why would you buy that


idk i’m a sucker for shit like that





Root beer.

Somehow, I’d never had it before our recent holiday, but I fancied seeing what a root beer float tasted like, and now I really like it.



wearing vests


Rum and ginger ale.


it tastes like toothpaste but in a nice way


These are quite often a quid in Tezzas and I can destroy a whole pack:


Iced coffee from the wanky coffee shop at the end of my road. So good.


Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to make some cold brew this morning for tonight.


If I achieve nothing else today…



That one is nice

Got the starbucks one on Friday eve to keep my drunk self awake on the train and it tasted like charcoal


Pepper but it’s not recent but the amount has increased recently