Recent addictions


what you into lately? I can’t stop drinking this shite:

dunno what’s wrong with me


We’ve got a Londis at the end of our road at the new gaff so I’m back into tomato Snaps (for 39p) in a big way.


Smoking. 7 years off em, 7 months back on


oooft, terrible stuff that mate.


Those silly chilled coffee things you get in supermarkets. I had three the other day- THREE! Let out a genuine squeal when I found a new flavour in Asda earlier so it might be time to, yknow, get a hobby or something


Went through a big jar in one week.


my word!

(i do like those too, a massive guilty pleasure)


They’re such a good treat to break up the mundanity of life. Try to rationalise it by thinking they arent as bad an energy drinks and they’re only small, but yeah. Type 2 here I come


3 packs since Sunday.


A new cat called Pip has been visiting me recently. Big fan of little Pip :heart_eyes_cat:


I started drinking these.


Problem is the bottle is like a litre at least and they make me INSANELY hyper. When I have it at home, I just have tiny glasses throughout the day and now my bf won’t let me get them cause i’m bouncing off the walls.

And they make my farts absolutely reek but thats a whole different issue.



edit: fuck , just realised there’s some in my car


She’s like an adorable shadow.


pffff that’s not an addiction


:open_mouth: a litre?! Incredible! Thanks for the tip- I’ll keep an eye out! Almond milk is delicious in coffee as well.


these lads


Screme eggs, pls get in my face.


wasabi chicken noodles. have it at least once a week, so addicted.


They’re in Sainsburys! They do another one which I think doesn’t have as much sugar in but boy i need that rush