Recent bargains

Got a shirt that keeps showing up in my recommendations at £80 for £20 from TK Maxx.

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got some sainsbury’s lightly-smoked salmon fillets for £4.50 rather than the full price of £6.75

chocolate covered flapjack was reduced from £1 to 70p on the shelve, it was £1 at the checkout

Got a multi-pack of 3 packs of Scampi Fries and 3 Bacon Fries for a quid. Single packs are 68p.

Went back today to get some more, shelves were empty. Gutted.

Got 1kg of peanut butter for £3.49. Might last me the week.

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Today i proudly presented my boyfriend with an advent calendar i bought him for 2 quid at work, where they were selling a load of now finished with samples from the xmas range. I’ve been ordering Christmas stuff since i started the job a month ago and i guess it didn’t occur to me that while it’s christmas in my office, it’s actually… not.

His response: “It’s August.”