Recent boring purchases


It’s my Mum’s birthday this week, she asked for a moth identification book…

Can anyone top that?


I’m in the market for a new ironing board cover.


ooh me too


I need a new rubber mallet (somehow lost my old one)

I went to get one from B&Q but they didn’t have any


Fantastic, let’s compare notes.




i have no notes as i fully cba. my current ironing board cover is tied to my ironing board with quite a lot of string, but this is currently coming loose. i doubt i will actually buy a new ironing board cover this year, tbqhumble


Me three.

The elastic has gone in the current one for no apparent reason.

I’m guessing that ironing board covers are a one size Fitz Hall job?


Scored some clothes pegs at the weekend. We were dangerously low. No idea where they all go.


Definitely not.


Door handles.

Couple of t bars.



I bought a battery pack for my phone and it’s actually very useful.


You know, I have no idea.

@marckee, what does Which? recommend?


Hello Dave, Leeds. Wanna buy some pegs?


Wow - this adds a whole new layer of excitement to ironing board cover shopping.


Just take your ironing board with you to the shops, simples.


I’m in the market for a travel iron. Needs to be compact.


I bought a bike yesterday


Used to have one and it was pointless.

Now I only stay in hotels with an ironing service. You know, to save money on a traveling iron.


Fucking nailed it, mate. Most boring purchase possible. Thread winner!