Recent boring purchases

What colour is it?

fuck it then ill just buy a new ironing board. next year.

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Calm down Speedy Gonzalez…

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Black. It’s the shittest bike imaginable.

Hi Antpocalypse now, I’m not convinced that a moth identification book is boring in the first place - it strikes me as interesting and endearing - and I’m a little surprised that no else has questioned that part of your post yet! I don’t mean to be a troublemaker though.

(my most recent boring purchase was contact lenses)


picture plz (no bike is shit)

This thread is a bit Two Ronnies isn’t it

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Hello Mr M. Ron. Gov, thank you for your reply. I think a moth identification book is both boring and unnecessary given that a moth is just a boring type of butterfly and my Mum has lots of books about butterflies already.

Currently after a squeegee.

This is like when nikkers said her mum has no hobbies or interests in the same breath as saying her mum was into theatre.

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she isn’t!

she’s as “into theatre” as she is “into tv” in that she’ll just turn the telly on and watch any old shite.

My mum’s moving house again, I think just for something to do.


Dork handles? Handles for dorks?

I had to order new headphones because my current ones had a loose wire issue meaning the left heaphone kept cutting out.


thanks, in turn, for your reply. I would create a poll to settle once and for all whether moth identification books are boring, but I fear I would lose. As to whether it is unnecessary, that is a matter for the lepidopterists.

(moths have eaten many of my clothes, so I need help identifying the bastards)

B’Twin :heart_eyes:

Fuck a moth, man


3.5 litres of AdBlue for the TV’s car

Bathroom sink taps.