Recent boring purchases

Today I bought this 4" deluxe wallpaper scraper. Bought anything really boring recently?


Train ticket

2 litres of milk and a loaf of honey and spelt bread.

DIY purchases are never boring.

Having said that, at the weekend I went to Wickes and picked up 18 packs of loft legs and loft boards, 2 downlighter covers, 1000 wood screws and 1 pair of foam knee pads…

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Where to? That has the potential to be exciting!

That’s a lot of wood screws!

To work and back! (sorry)

No idea where I’ll keep it.


A plain black bra.

Which is probably why he needs the knee pads!

:frowning_face: but I really want to get the wallpaper off the wall

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Fair enough, that’s pretty boring!

I bought a new clothes airer. It’s pretty good. Better than the last one that kept falling over.

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Bought some caramel digestives and choc chip hob nobs. I’ve a new “hobby” of heating biscuits on my George Foreman grill before eating them.

Jammie Dodgers worked very well, as did Oreos. I’ll heat and eat the new biscuits when I’m drunk back from the pub later tonight.


Replacement alcohol lamp wick

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Drunkenly heating caramel digestives on the George sounds like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least a mess.

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Bottle of white spirit. Went for the medium size they had

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Bought a new ironing board cover from Wilko today. Minky brand.

It’s a bit shit, tbqfh.

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Bought a small plastic box to house my Xmas decorations

ironing board covers always seem to be shit, seems to be one of those things that manufacturers just can’t get right