Recent brutal feedback


I was trying on glasses frames at the weekend, and thought I should try something a bit different. Found a pair that fit the bill. Thought it was a good - albeit different - look for me.

Walked over to the gf to ask her opinion. “You look like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle.”

Not sure there are enough o’s in the universe to put an appropriate “ooooft” on that.


something something Rochester noise scene


ooooooooooooooooo (heavy breath)oooooooooft


dyou reckon MITM still holds up today? probably definitely does.


Daughter told me recently that I look like Gregg Wallace.

That said, she also told my brother that he looks like Elton John so, you know, swings and roundabouts.


Elton > Gregg



^ recent brutal feedback


I think I saw some episodes about six months ago and the only thing that’s jarring is the Hal/Heisenberg thing.


I live in the Netherlands now, so this happens quite regularly.

The promoter after a gig as MC “Well, the second half went a lot better.”
Friend of mine: “You are simultaneously young and old.” and “Why do you keep touching your face?” (I have a number of nervous ticks)
When I came back from leave discovering that my team had a sweepstake to decide how old I was. The average guess was 4 years older than the actual answer.
Being called a chauvinist (and not realising that just meant someone showing excessive patriotism).


Not for a long time if she was fronting me like that. “get to your room missy and think about what you’ve done”


who can guess anyone’s age within 5 years either way though? if it was +10 years then aye, that’d be a shitter


Mad they guessed you were 55


I think it was just the fact that they’d done this at all which bugged me.


My nephew thought I was 32 the other day.

Realised eventually it’s because that’s his dad’s age and in his head we’re the same level of adult.


You keep telling yourself that


My niece thinks I’m older than my big sister (her mum) and her gran (my mum) because I’m taller than them.


can’t argue with that logic


His niece is 32


Haha. Only because he also thought my sister in law who’s turning 40 was the same age too.

Maybe I am just aging worse than her


It absolutely does, so underrated.