Recent dietary changes


Onions have started giving me absolute fearsome burping fits. Think I’m going to have to cut down. Ffs.


Haven’t had hummus in 10 days. I’m getting withdrawal sweats.


Need to cut down on crisps but Walkers have got ome new ones which look ace argh


Which ones?


Trying to eat as much cheese as is possible.


Not a massive fan of houmous (correct spelling).

Just putting that out there.


I second and then third guessed myself with the spelling. Then went with autocorrect. Which made it autowrong.


switched from standard coleslaw to the posher deli-style creamier stuff. Couldn’t be happier


That is a shame.


Called Max Strong. Not seen em but the flavours are hot chicken, chilli and lime and jalapeno and cheese


I have switched from a regular misery lunch of sainsos sandwich, crisps and samosas - to pack of salad, bap, crisps and samosas


They sound very, very good.


Hmm apparently theyre tailored to match beers which seems an odd strategy


That sounds quite stupid.


The chilli ones are nice without a beer I can confirm.


Cutting as much unnecessary sugar out as possible. Have a sweetener in my tea now for instance and am being very watchful on what stuff I eat contains sugar etc.

Dunno if it’s linked but this week I’ve been waking up to my alarm and feeling awake and alert rather than groggy.


Started limiting myself to just one caffeinated coffee a day and decaff the rest of the day.

Not noticed a blind bit of difference tbh, but I guess reducing it can only be a good thing.


Oh, no. Certain beers go well with particular flavours of food. I’d give it a go.


The chilli and lime ones are great


Been eating a lot less cheese