Recent disappointments/mysteries

Hello everybody. Some of you may remember that I am an enormous fan of the cereal Kellogg’s Start, a sort of hexagonal shaped multigrain cereal with a sweet coating and satisfying crunch. Recently however it’s become increasingly difficult to find it in any of the supermarkets I normally go to.

Yesterday however, I was in Waitrose Holloway Road and noticed this Cars 3 cereal that was also by Kelloggs and was extremely similar looking to my beloved Kellogg’s Start, they couldn’t possibly have rebranded my favourite grown-up cereal for active adults into a Pixar tie-in for children could they?

I purchased a box to find out and the answer is, no, they haven’t. The Cars 3 cereal is very disappointing, the coating is sweet but it doesn’t provide the same gloss that the Start coating does and as a result the cereal goes soggy quickly taking the “satisfying crunch” aspect out of the equation as well.

Pictured below are the respective cereals, you can understand why I made the call I did right? The mystery aspect of this disappointment is what the hell are Kellogg’s playing at? It seems like they’ve cocked up a batch of Start and have rebranded it as a film tie-in to cover their mistake or something?


Could’ve called it Start The Cars

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That would have been like a knowing wink to the cereal conspiracy theorists (I think I might be a cereal conspiracy theorist now)

Pretty convoluted way to tell us you’re really excited about Cars 3.

I haven’t seen Cars 1 or 2 yet!

That just makes your excitement all the more baffling.

Used to love Start and Honey Nut Loops, do they still do those?

Don’t, they’re so boring. Like a gateway film to watching topgear when you’re older. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Honey Nut Loops seem to have been usurped by Honey Cheerios

I never will. Cars are the most boring things there is (are?)

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If I feel I deserve it I have coco pops and cornflakes mixed together. Hint: I always deserve it :blush:

I have a MYSTERY.
Over the Christmas period I bought a milka choc bar that had some combination of things but the main one was RASPBERRY. When eating it it brought back a TASTE MEMORY of some sort of raspberry and choc combo from my youth that was AMAZING. Can’t think what the reasonably widely available raspberry and choc confectionery would have been. Ideas?

Ooh, I can’t assist with this mystery but I like it

Sounds like somebody hasn’t visited the Harringay Green Lanes branch of Sainsbury’s recently…

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If Kellogg’s Multi-Grain Start were a film, what film would it be?

It would probably be like a Liam Neeson action film but one of those ones that everybody says is actually good instead of just ironically enjoyable. The Grey or something maybe?

The boxes look quite different to each other in my opinion

@Ruffles or delight would be my guess…

Don’t pay attention to the boxes, pay attention to the depiction of the actual product on the boxes

The actual product of quorn nuggets looks very similar to the actual product of chicken nuggets, I would use the design of the box to work out that they are different