Recent disappointments

Made a terrible Kerala-type curry from Meera Sodha’s book yesterday. The tamarind and caramelised red onion rice was decent, but the curry ingredients were all garden vegetable type stuff and it was pretty, pretty bland.

Also the timings on everything were a massive faff and it wasn’t worth it.


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A bad cook blames his garden vegetable type stuff.

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Had a brownie which looked great the other day but it was terrible. Paid £3.50 for it as well!

Her aubergine and pea curry was an absolute delight. It might have raised my expectations too high.

Ffs, you could have had a slice of toast instead!!

Buying a Five Guys burger and fries about 20 minutes before I had to get on a train. The burger arrived and I made a run four the train and got there with about 2 minutes to spare.

Opened up the paper bag and they’d left the fries out.

On the plus side that makes you the first person in recorded history to have been disappointed by the amount of fries you got from Five Guys.


I was also recently disappointed by the realisation that I don’t get anything positive out of my relationship with my mother, but thought that might be a bit heavy for a Monday afternoon.

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John Carpenter’s The Fog. Watched it last night, pure shite.

Funnily enough I-


Also for that reason.

Hey @epimer I went to a friend’s for dinner last night and no word of a lie, she’d made the Keralan curry (as well as the red onion rice and Sri Lankan dhal which was decent). What are the chances!! When she took the lid off the casserole dish it was cooked in I was just like lol what, what an extremely odd selection of vegetables to include, like stuff off a leftover Sunday dinner of gammon or something in the 1970s. Thanks for reading.


What an incredible coincidence! Almost makes the insufferably bland meal we both ate worth it.


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It was acknowledged (even by said friend who cooked it, thankfully) that it was ultra bland. Other stuff from the book was excellent, mind. Maybe Meera was a bit skint one month and only had basics frozen veg in the freezer or something.

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KISS MY SPATULA, @anon29812515

What is the parlance here? Don’t @ me?

That’s a weird apology, but I’ll take it.

Also food related, but last night we decided to eat as a family (doesn’t happen often as I like to eat about 8/9 and child eats at 5) but we compromised (!) on 5.30. We got fish and chips as a treat. Except the fish batter had gone slimy and it slid right off the fish just leaving this inedible grey looking fish underneath. Everything smelled of TCP. The scampi was nice but otherwise it was so disappointing and -having built it up to be a BIG EVENT OF FUN AND DELICIOUSNESS the wee one was looking at me like I was barking as he turned his nose up at it and had 400 haribo for tea instead.