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I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt today. I have no jacket or umbrella or similar.

It is absolutely fucking it down.

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I went to the pub yesterday in shorts and t-shirt. It was maybe 24 degrees when I left the house.

When I walked home it was fucking freezing. I had the gf waiting at the front door with my dressing gown and slippers and a cup of tea when I got in.


Similarly; I cycled in. Not sure if I have a jacket with me. Definitely do not have lights.

Attempted to fix something I did not have the appropriate tools to fix

Ended up buying a new thing - and now have a plastic bag contain the various parts of the old thing

Too warm for a jacket anyway. I think I remembered lights…

Looks like it’s going to ease off by 5.00pm. Hopefully.


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Regarding cycling in the rain, there gets to be a point where you’re so wet that it doesn’t matter anymore. You simply cannot get more whet than you are already. Then you just don’t worry about it and power through.

oh yeah, totally (I did 100km of a 300km ride in pouring rain)

I’ve spent over a month practicing one particular deck for the European penoid championships this Friday. This is because last year I took a deck I hadn’t practiced enough with as I switched to it at the last minute, and I did very poorly. I swore to never make the same mistake again.

Yesterday I switched to a new deck.

It will pay off this time

I am confident that this is true.

Perhaps… too confident.

I’ve got TWO front lights. No rear. Great.