Recent examples of lame-assed flirting



was in Costa yesterday (don’t ask) and noticed that all the staff had their faces painted. one of them was a cat. yep, a cat, which obviously has nothing at all to do with halloween. stupid cunts

anyway, I noticed she was taking a drink over to a bearded, pony-tailed chap and as she approached, he made a ‘meow’ noise and did that thing cats do with their paws when they’re washing their face.

fucking awful! no further words were uttered between them


Witches famously have cats.


Pony tailed guy comes off worse there


He should’ve just left a note


not on hallowbook


Oh wait I misread it


I hear women really dig ponytails.


Emanuelle Petit…?..?


Guy tried to chat up my mate by comparing her to a character from brand new TV show Westworld, then acted all offended when she didn’t get the reference. He then proceeded to do the same thing with lots of X-men characters, which she also didn’t get, until we just made an excuse to leave as it was getting really uncomfortable.


That has made me cringe deep inside, my least favorite emotion!




dunno about you man, but I enjoy watching people miserably failing at life


that’s why we’re all on the social board


Latte Twatte


I’d probably like that.


Twat white




says meowington


was he dressed as a pony then?


he shouldve been executed immediately