Recent examples of next level rudeness

chap on the bus yesterday was making loud phone calls. so much so, that his voice penetrated my over the ear headphones.

conversations included picking up a part prescription from the doctors, a number of personal calls and work related nonsense.

let this sliiiide for a while, but eventually semi-broke, leaned back on my chair and gave him a ten second stare. the levels were much lower after that. man like that must seek some sort of help.

was in my local londis earlier picking up jazz supplies and making very brief small talk with shopkeeper. man leaned over me and put three cans of red bull on the counter, whilst I was still carrying out my transaction. unbelievable! had a quick glance at him, but he had the look of a man on the edge, so just ignored it. looked like a loose cannon, to me.

so yeah - stuff like that

Can’t remember the last time someone was rude around me.

I don’t think anyone fucking dares, to be honest.

Was at a conference last week, and during one of the presentations, someone’s phone went off.
I would say there are 3 potential options, of escalating rudeness.

  1. quickly turn off your phone and apologise
  2. leave the room while the phone rings then answer outside
  3. answer with a quick 'can’t talk, I’ll call you back in 10 minutes

prick went for option 4, pick up, start talking and leave the room while continuing his conversation. Hanging’s too good for him

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I was terribly rude to you last week. unnecessarily so, too. anti jazz

Some cunt tried to cut in front of
Myself and another chap at the self service tills at sainos.
'Haw, pal, where do you think you’re gaun?! Back of the queue!'
He looked genuinely mystified by this and trotted to the back of the queue without saying anything.

Also any cunt that comes in late to the cinema, fucks about with their phone at the cinema, makes too much fucking noise with their fucking munchies at the cinema, talks to their fucking friends at the cinema.

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probably getting the wrong end of the stick here, but if I’m in an email chain with multiple people I’ll refer to each of them in the 3rd person, and only use ‘you’ in reference to everyone in the chain

I was on a crosscountry train from Oakham to Birmingham last week, two carriages, both packed (alright Corbyn), lot of people with suitcases. When we stopped at Birmingham, pretty much everybody on the train stood up to get off. However, the fact that lots of people had suitcases created a minor delay in disembarking, which left a gap for the people standing on the platform to start piling ON to the train.
The guard was flustered, and started shouting “There’s still people trying to get off”, but he had a bit of a pathetic voice so everyone just ignored him. Eventually the people who’d just got on realised that they’d have to get off again to let through all the people with suitcases who wanted to get off the train and they started grumbling about it. Rude and stupid.

That’s all urine under the fridge, Silky.

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Ah, I see yeah, that’s rude