Recent examples of unusual workplace behaviour

Lad who started here a while ago comes in in the morning, takes his coat off but doesn’t hang it on a hook or the back of his chair or anything, he just chucks it on the floor next to him, does the same if he removes a jumper or something during the day.


What kind of chair?

That’s what I was wondering tbh, would be quite a funny image though

Early draft Oasis needed revision etc



never hang my coat up. Goes either on back of chair, or chuck it on the empty desk next to me where my colleague used to be

I can’t do that right now I’m afraid but I’ll try to let you know about it at a more convenient time.

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Have started going to the kitchen and filling up a bowl with just milk (communal milk meant for tea and coffee), and then adding the cereal at my desk. This means that I walk through the office with just a bowl of milk with a spoon in, but is actually saving me valuable energy by not carrying my cereal box with me. people think this is weird

  • weird
  • great thinking!

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It’s not quite throwing a chair at a wall, but I reckon the person in this invite I just got must be a bit “unusual”.

"Come along to this week’s lunch and learn session and join nutritional therapist, [redacted] who will help you avoid those festive binges, learn how to make good food choices and feel amazing.

[redacted] who is also an application engineer in our [redacted] team, will give you nine ways to avoid Christmas weight gain (and still have fun).

She says: “I’ll reveal the reasons why we’re prone to piling on the pounds over the festive season as well as sharing some top tips for avoiding weight gain – and still enjoy yourself”.

Everyone is welcome, but remember that these sessions are first come, first served so come early if you want a seat!

Hmm, I admire this in principal but would have concerns about the cereal:milk ratio if I were going to try it out. As such, I can’t participate in the poll.

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keep the bowl and the cereal in the same place?

That is bad and insidious IMO



this is true, it is tough to gauge! but I think I’ve got it nailed now

You’re a trailblazer that’s for sure

Ah come on! Tell me you’ve never been curious about how we always seem to pile on the pounds over the festive season.


I don’t want to keep my cereal in the communal kitchen, it’s like the wild west in there! and I’d be needing to wash my bowl out every day anyway so, this is the most energy efficient cereal consumption procedure. I’ve explained this to the office and some of them even listened to the end of my presentation on it!

Wait, you use the same unwashed bowl for your cereal every day?