Recent extremely minor irks


much appreciated


Number of clothes washing tablets in a tub = 38
Number of washes in bottle of softener = 44


Just buy 44 tubs of washing tablets and 38 bottles of softener




I googled ‘pirates’ the other day because I wanted to know the origin of the word.

Google keeps sending me Pittsburgh Pirates scores now and I don’t know how to stop it.


Long since given up on softner but I hate how all washing liquids give you a cap that is larger than the suggested amount for a wash by 5-10 mls. Fucking bastards.


This thread is a life saver…

When people plod past me at a slightly faster plod than me, then immediately slow back down to a slightly slower plod than me.

…Once this happened when I was in a bit of a hurry. Myself and another guy were on the same trajectory heading for the same footpath. He got there slightly before me and then slowed right down causing me to practically walk behind him like we were both in a Madness video.


It’s not recent but my wife cannot cut bread as straight as I like. The first slice after her will always be a bit of a wedge as I try to straighten the end off.



They do sliced bread now.


It’s the best thing




This is of course a strawman argument


I’m outsourcing some work at the minute, and before sending it off I need to go in to each document and do a find and replace of double spaces with single spaces because they go on the public record with my name on them and I’m not having that.


People picking food out their teeth in public.


When I was a freelance designer I would put my name/website in small type somewhere appropriate so people seeing my work could - hopefully - contact me to give me their work. Sometimes the client would chip in with their ideas to a degree where the finished product that they’re happy with is so shite that I would not put my name to it. And I would have had it looking great at one point too. Sigh…


Every single time.




I want to use my new noise cancelling earphones, but my phone can see 9 discoverable Bluetooth devices and I don’t know which one it is.

Excellent IT security, this floor.


Moved in with the in-laws on Tuesday until our new house is ready.

I could probably make a whole new rolling thread just for the low level irks, but instead I will document them here from time to time.

Irk #1: Mother-in-law will put any glassware in the dishwasher within 5 seconds of it being empty. Literally down to a couple of pint glasses and wine glasses by about 5pm every day.


My flatmate when he’s watching a series or something (ones I’m not watching) if he goes to the toilet or to make a cup of tea or whatever,hell leave it running and not pause it… doesn’t effect my life in anyway but it really bugs me.