Recent extremely minor irks


Irk #2: There was moderate fuss about us not eating their food, and so we were assigned a couple of shelves in their ‘fridge’ (see below) for our food. It took a whole 2 days before her dad used a pack of chicken that was ours.

Irk #3: Not a chance that the fridge is anywhere near 2 degrees. Cans/bottles barely feel cool. I feel like I’m putting my guts at severe risk by storing food in there.


How long you house sharing for? :smiley:


We have reserved a new build that won’t be ready until December-ish, but we aren’t overly convinced by it and might pull out. We’re going to view a house at 4.30, looks spot on from photos, etc so hopefully it’s fine in the flesh and we’ll put an offer on it.

Bit of a development on irk #3 while I was asleep today - it was established that the fridge was indeed knackered and a replacement will be here tomorrow.


Facebook has irked me:



The work snack machine is wildly inconsistent. Some days you can get three crackers with cheese and some days there are only weird shit chocolate bars. They just seem to stack it out of a mystery bag and stuff the items in whatever row has the correct price.


I think you’ll find it’s called a “vendo”.


No no, in YOUR vendo.


ban request


Parents in law are away (so nothing to do with them for once), so we are responsible for putting the bins out.

Got back from shopping at about 1pm and one of the neighbours appeared at the top of the drive
‘Bin day tomorrow, you know?’
I know, but cheers. I’ll stick them out later.
‘Are you sure you don’t want to do it now so you don’t forget?’

Yeah, not like I’m 28 years old, or that I’ve spent most of the last 10 years living away from home.


Will Foxy forget?

  • Yes
  • No

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Bins are out my friend. Close the poll.


NZ Cricket just announced its schedule for the coming season. We’re going to be playing games against India starting at 8pm (instead of 7) to fit in with Indian TV schedules. So the games won’t finish until after 11, which for me means the last bus will have gone. Irked.


I sent a client an interactive PDF and she’s emailed back to say that:

“The weblink on page 88 doesn’t seem to be live. It’s not actually valid yet but as the document isn’t necessarily finalised I’m going to upload the PDF as it is but with a watermark saying it’s ‘provisional’.”

Hello? You might find that the link doesn’t work because the web page it’s trying to link to doesn’t exist yet!


My boss was watching over my shoulder yesterday as I was building a Christmas page for one of our brands.

“It’s getting there - I haven’t looked at the text yet though” (me)
“It looks great, but you need to look at the spacing here”
“Yeah I’ve not looked at the text yet”
“No no that’s fine I understand that, it’s just that this paragraph doesn’t quite look right”
“Yeah I know. I’ve not looked at the text yet”
“Just make sure you’re looking at all these details, as this text looks a bit…”
“I tell you what. Come back tomorrow, when I’ve looked at the text”



1pm?! We’re not technically allowed to put ours out till 6pm the evening before.


Someone with my surname just messaged me on Facebook.

He’s from South Carolina, interested in looking into the family tree and knowing other strands of the clan. (Everyone with our not very common surname is related to each other although, obviously, very distantly in most cases.)

I just looked at his timeline, though, and… he’s a Republican.


My nan does this!
You finish your last sip and she comes along and takes the glass and washes it up.

IN MY HOUSE. Not even at hers!


Has anyone ever told you there’s a big world out there full of people who might hold different thoughts and beliefs to you?


Sure. Of course. I’m fully aware of that. Doesn’t mean I want to know them though.


I’ve been listening to the audio book of Anna Karenina recently. It’s great and I’m really enjoying it BUT the narration by the wonderful Maggie Gynnenhal has some American pronunciation irks in it that after more than twenty hours are beginning to great. For example

Moscow, American pronunciation MOUSE COW
lilac (flower and colour crop up a lot in this book), American pronunciation lie LACK (as opposed to LIE luc)

Such a minor thing but driving me mad.