Recent extremely minor irks


an individual (one person) being referred to as ‘good people’. ‘John is good people’.


Jfc. I’m an English teacher


Which grade? Are we talking middle-school or high-school? Did you major in English?


Just off to find a young person who knows a “grinding my teeth uncontrollably” emoji




i suspected this is where it comes from, all the more reason it’s irritating as fuck when Benjamin from Kent is saying it.


John - a great bunch of people


People walking the wrong way around Ikea


Just used Tesco vouchers to get tickets to Cheddar Gorge. It cam to £46.60. The denominations of Tesco vouchers came to £46.50. I had to pay 10p by card.


You have to pay to go look at some rocks? What a fucking scam.


There’s the museum of prehistory too, pal.


Looking at some rocks in a glass case, even better.


Right, one of the tickets was for you but not anymore.


I’ll take it!

What time are we going to this shit hole?


*shit gorge


Tuesday 14th when doors open. See you there!

We can get the pasties the next day.


Sure you didn’t just buy 50 quids worth of Tesco mild cheddar?


Helped someone with some copyright advice on a reddit thread. Some absolute roaster has stoated in with “Yes, this is correct.”

I know it’s correct, pal, that’s why I said it.


What are you supposed to do if you have toothache but not one dentist anywhere in London can give me an appointment in less than two weeks?