Recent extremely minor irks


Not for me, clove.


I\m actually on holiday from this Friday until the day before the first available appointment. I might just spend the entire time as drunk as I can manage.


Check whether your local NHS has an emergency dental clinic, maybe? I’ve used one of those before on a weekend when one of my teeth broke.


Have you tried the Post Office?


I have to go to the post office in the morning to post some records I sold on Discogs. I’m not sure they’d be able to sort out my teeth though.


The area in and around the Enter key on my wife’s work laptop…

Was helping her do something with it earlier and kept pressing the # instead of Enter.

Why isn’t the Enter key rectangular and the # on the row below… y’know, like normal?


Either a US English keyboard or ya know cheap


This logo



Had a DHL parcel delivery letter on Monday and this was the number I had to enter into the website to get it redelivered:

So I had to create a running list of my attempts

DHL Fuckwittery

GI89939972 - no
GI89934472 - no
G189939972 - no
G189934472 - no
GI84434472 - no
G184434472 - no
GI84439972 - no
G184439972 - no

About 5 minutes after I successfully did this the wife came in and told me she’d had two texts off DHL for two parcels they couldn’t deliver, both including the waybill number so that meant there was another ‘missed note’ that didn’t even survive being left.

Got both redirected fine and new passport for the little one successfully received so all’s well but still…



To this day, I have no idea what this Yodel twat was trying to communicate to me.


I mean the best I can surmise is “Locked gate - Pub!” so I would have gone to the nearest pub to see if he was just having a quiet pint waiting for you to turn up?

Yodel are just the fucking worst.


We didn’t have a gate and it wasn’t behind anything locked :man_shrugging:

No idea.


Could just as easily be FOM


The last word is obviously “pedo”, so at least you know Elon Musk was your delivery driver.


Locked gate pish


I don’t think they know what pish is in Hertfordshire.


This reminds of that time I got a note saying they’d left my package with “no one” I was the rage until i slowly clicked.


Classic Noone


The loft hatch cover thing was not put back properly last time someone went up there and I keep only remembering this at times when it is really inappropriate to sort it out.


Watched a film on the flight over here - Live By Night (not to be confused with the concert trucking firm, Flybynite) - yer standard mob film really, quite a lot of swearing and violence.

For whatever reason (presumably thinking of the children), the offensive language was overdubbed - this was quite irking as you’d have a quiet bit of film and then the dubbed bit would be loud and clear as anything. The second part of this irk is that while swearing was obviously a no-no, all the scenes of people having their head blown off were still included.