Recent extremely minor irks


Yeah I feel like aggressive movie altering on flights is becoming much more popular for the personal entertainment systems - obviously it was always big on flights where you all watched the same film and Shaun of the Dead has a cool extra on the DVD where they show you how they replaced the swears with stupid words.

But 10 years ago when I flew long haul to Australia every movie was just presented with all the swearing and stuff, yet now I keep selecting films only to find they have terrible covering of the swears. There were at least 2 films on the way over to Australia that it turned up quickly enough I just gave up on them.

With Kingsman it wasn’t really obvious but I already knew about the final scene being bullshit. However that was one of the bits changed and so it sort of saved it. Weird.


that ad for doorbells you can have a look at on your phone, some internet of things thing. some guy in a hoody comes knocking on and looking through the window and some smug prick in the supermarket says no i haven’t seen yr cat but i have seen you having a look in my window and now i want to see you walking away. as if he’s never had a look in someone’s window when they don’t answer the door, or worn a hoody, or lost a cat! smug prick i hate him


Those adverts irritate me so much. If those are the sort of people who have them doorbells, I hope they get broken in to.


innit. made me want to put his fucking window in. what’s he going to do, shout at me through his doorbell? talking doorbell twat


Just keep thinking back about how poor some supermarkets products seem to be compared to others.

Tescos apples BAD Asda’s apples GOOD.
Tescos ginger MOULDY everywhere else’s ginger NOT MOULDY.
Tescos crunchy nut cornflakes GOOD Sainsbury’s crunchy nut cornflakes BAD.


We have a job on at work where we take a bunch of different documents and collate them into one booklet for different subjects. My colleague keeps calling them “coalations” with an emphasis on the non-existent “a”.


the air blowers on my car now only seem to work when they are set to maximum


someone has changed something on the internet at work and now the BBC website thinks i’m not in the UK and redirects me to instead of - makes it slightly more annoying to waste time at work now


In our toilet cubicles at work, the toilet roll holders hold three rolls, side by side. However, there’s always a fourth roll in there, just perched on top of the other three. Gets in the way and no point at all, given that we have cleaners doing the rounds during the day.


we have holders that hold one roll on top of the other, with the top one dropping down when the bottom one is finished. pretty much every single one of them ends up with the top one tangled up with the bottom one, so you end up using both of them simultaneously. it’s weird.

i have other work toilet based irks but they are not “extremely minor” so will not post them in this thread.


also i always read this thread as “Extremely recent minor irks”, which minorly irks me


Gonna start a YouTube channel where I review and compare supermarket cereals. Think there’s some serious mileage in it.


I would like AND subscribe.


Temperature gauge in my car is inexplicably 10 degrees below the actual temperature. It put a little warning snowflake up the other morning. Can’t get the air con to do anything I want it to as a result, going around with the windows down like a non-aircon wally. Irked.


Lovely stuff


Had a similar problem on my old car after replacing the wing mirror (which contained the external temp sensor) - I think it was mostly about right, but if it was a frosty morning it would always show -12.


I just received a message from a buyer on Discogs: “This record didn’t come with the sleeve. I am a collector. I wanted it with the sleeve.”

If he was a “collector” he would know that decent sellers put the vinyl in a separate plain sleeve and put the printed picture sleeve in the package separate from the record. The vinyl inside the sleeve can cause damage to the sleeve in transit.

The sleeve is in the package, separated from the vinyl, as is the norm. The moron has probably chucked the packaging in the recycling bin along with his bloody sleeve. And then he will give me bad feedback because of his own stupidity.


Probably not that minor but. Was in marks and Spencers at Leeds train station and one of the staff was just laughing and saying “cs spray him” about a black male getting harassed by the police. When my missus said “he has done nothing wrong” he replied “he’s done nothing wrong yet”
Tried ringing their head office and they said ring back on Tuesday. Tweeted them too.
Not into being a grass but this prick was a proper prick


grassing up these sort of people is totally legit.


It really irks me how dogs always pick up sticks by the end, rather than the middle. Every time. Absolutely no concept of how having weight equally balanced on each side lessens their workload significantly. Waggy pricks.