Recent extremely minor irks


Omg same


I dunno, see quite a lot carrying them in the middle I reckon.


Saw a dog today looking pleased with itself carrying a big stick - in the middle


Just the 8 rolls in the cubicle this morning.


2 (TWO) Airfreshners!

What scents we working with here?


Half of my Twitter feed seems to have become cat owners in recent weeks, and now all I see is pictures of fucking cats. If they were hilarious videos I wouldn’t mind so much but it’s just shit, “here’s my cat on the bed AWWWWW”, “The cat wants food loooool”. Fuck off with it. I don’t tweet endless pictures of my kid doing stuff I think is charming but I appreciate other people will think is insufferable and mundane, so stop inflicting that shit on me. There’s a time and a place for self-indulgent cutesy garbage only you find interesting, and it’s called Facebook.


I’ll have to go have another dump and report back.


Cotton Fresh and Lily White Flowers


for months i’ve been saying NO to switching to the new gmail layout but now they’ve FORCED me to switch to it


Slipped in the rain this morning and landed on my hands and my hands now fucking HURT


Same here, but tbh I’ve already forgotten what the old version looked like.


bleak and austere


People keep leaving the child safety catches unlocked on various cupboards, meaning I am constantly having to dive in before R starts pulling everything out, spraying shower cleaner on himself, and picking up the cheese grater in a manner which will almost certainly cause unpleasant injury.*

*so far only the first has happened before I can intervene, but it is only a matter of time before it switches from irritating to dangerous.


Ordered 3 items from Amazon the other day.

They sent one item separately by Royal Mail on Wednesday to give me ‘a quicker service’, as the other two items weren’t ready to dispatch.

The other two items have just arrived and I’m still waiting for the one that went in the post :confused:



Wolverine been at your ham?


Cold ham trauma


This logo :grimacing: What’s with the dots goddamn


Does it have a Yo Sushi-style conveyor belt arrangement? Because if so that’s very clever.


It does not alas