Recent extremely minor irks


Oh, then it’s just shithouse.


Might not be so bad if the ‘W’ didn’t fuck up the spacing of all the dots.


This water search thing logo



Mate, do NOT look at Duolingo.


I won’t unless they email me.


good plan.

Hey, if a friend wanted to sign you up for some exciting Netrunner thing about Big Muffs and The Donnas, which email address would be the best to use?


the usual one,


We’ve recently been put on lockdown in the MASSIVE public building I work, so everyone has to have a card to get in the building, through any entrance.

Which is fine, excpect we have ~3000 through the doors every day, and probably half of them forget their card. This means you get harassed when you go through the doors and don’t let them in (as you get a warning if you let someone in without a card), then get a complaint made about you, pretty much every day, for being unhelpful. Shambles. We also have probably ~500 visitors of one kind or another a day, and the visitor pass machine is a) not working b) doesn’t connect to every door


The printer on our floor (and presumably other printers, I wouldn’t know) have been changed to a system where I now need to swipe my ID card (which I don’t wear because the photo is awful and I don’t really need it) before it starts printing anything.

The supposed benefit is that I can press print on my PC, see, and then walk to a printer anywhere on site -possibly any site in the world - and collect it there.

Why would I want to do that


If your nearest printer isn’t working you can just go to another.


There’s only one printer in this building. It’s outside my office door. I’m about a five minute walk away from the next nearest one. It’s also never broken down.


Ah, you’re ok then. We have two on each of the eight floors. If one has run out of toner you have to email the Facilities Dept to have someone come and put a new one in.


This is developing into a full irk as it’s been ongoing for nearly 3 weeks now, but there’s an issue with our drivers’ security passes so we have to keep getting up and walking about 20 yards to open the door to let them in to the office


The BBC radio site now opens the player in a new tab when you want to play an old episode of something. And it doesn’t save where you where in the programme.

In fact, this is worst thing that’s ever happened in the history of the universe.


That would be way more than an extremely minor irk for me.


I have just learned of a unit of measurement they use in the US called a “mil”. It has nothing to do with millimetres or millilitres, obviously, as those are for Communists, but is instead one thousandth of an inch.

Fuck off American measurements, this is almost as bad as cups.


we have a system like that. it’s brilliant. (nb. my building has enough printers and we have to wear our ID cards)

apparently it’s saved loads of money by stopping people printing out 30 page confidential documents that they then don’t bother collecting from the printer


We often work on materials that need to be kept secure and unseen by anyone but us and the writer(s) until their publication date so passes have to be worn at all times.




I can’t even talk about content with a writer or CPM by email. I can make comments on a PDF and put in their folder on their secure server and then copy the PDF back to my secure server after they’ve added their comments. Emails aren’t secure enough. It’s really strict. But then it has to meet a government agency’s standards.