Recent extremely minor irks


I know a developer who did some work for the MoD and he said their approach to data security was absolutely atrocious. Worse than his daughters primary school he reckoned. The MoD!!


windscreen of car is dirty and car is out of windscreen washer fluid.



The thinly veiled is civilian MOD and it depends which department you work in as to what security protocols you have to follow. She’s worked in both air & weapon design and defence intelligence in the past and the security she had to go through was unreal. Now she’s in logistics…not so much.

Also, The UK is part of the Five Eyes so for anything involving shared nations the security is through the roof too.


Either something needs a bit of lubricating or there’s a bit of dirt in there, but the drivers side widow on my car squeals when I lower it.




Just learned that Blackwell Books offers a discount to Tory members - no other political party. I don’t tend to buy anything there, but I do like a good browse. Disappointed.


What books did you buy?


Not sure if I need to blow it, or squirt something on it.


Or smash it


Got to go through a full home office vetting to get a pass to get onto site with one of our new clients. Fuck that I’m not going


This one is borderline full irk, but the amount of fucking wasps I have to deal with in our bedroom recently. Reckon we are up to about 20 for the last 3 weeks. Amazed I’ve not been stung by one yet.


Might be a bike nearby.


People who clearly use word builders when playing online scrabble.

Unitard and Primages indeed… Come on.


starts unbuttoning trousers


They’re mugging themselves off as they clearly don’t understand the best way to succeed at scrabble.


This post contains #cyclechat

Every time you open the Element app there is a pop-up that asks you some bullshit about optimising battery or some bullshit, so I press no each time. Then when you want to import a gpx route into it an identical looking pop-up asks if you want to import the route into Element to which I press no because I’ve been conditioned into pressing no for the battery pop-up.



Bought some new boxers last week. Wearing them for the first time today and going for a wee, I realised that the buttons on the front are fake and there’s no opening. Why would anyone design it like that?


Think quite a lot of mine are like that. Not sure I’ve ever used the flies on a pair of boxers that do have one, either.


I do, however, which is why I bought these. The more I’m thinking about it the more irked I’m getting.