Recent extremely minor irks


Got an electric screwdriver at the weekend because I’m going to have a lot of furniture to assemble. It cost £17.

Gf tells a colleague about our new electric screwdriver. Colleague asks to borrow it, as she also has a lot of furniture to assemble. Gf inexplicably says yes.

I just got the fucking thing, and I got it because I need to use it now.

Can’t decide who I’m most irked at here.


Better get using it before she lends it out then, eh?


Also, a drill with screwdriver attachments is much more versatile.


£17 for an electric screwdriver? It’ll be broken by the time you get it back.

I recently bought an electric screwdriver for a similar price, lasted a week.


Yes but I don’t need to drill things.


Tends to be a little bulky for putting furniture together in my experience - can’t always get it into corners/get the right angle with a large drill…


You don’t need to drill things … yet


When I do, I will pay somebody competent to do the drilling.


You’d be surprised how learning the ropes by starting off with simple screwdriving increases your drilling competency levels.


The price of failure for drilling things is too high for my liking.


But that’s where the screwdriving comes in - when a screw reaches it’s limit, the resistance against what’s being screwed into brings things to a halt. Do a few screws, you learn the ropes, suddenly you’re a pro!*

Don’t underestimate your latent skills @Epimer !

*yes, this is deliberately for the “things out of context” thread


I had a drill once with screwdriver attachments - and that aspect was worse than useless. The drill was too powerful so the head just immediately slipped/ fucked up the screws. I assume it only works if you have nicer drill with more controllable torque


This is what she’s done to me, isn’t it.


I’ll do the drilling for you.


What is it that you need drilling anyway Epimer?


I don’t need any drilling done ffs!


I’ve got a drill if you wanna borrow one epim8


Mine has controllable torque, but I’m sure the trigger bit changes the speed too.


Does it have an electric screwdriver attachment? Because I’m in dire need of one of those.


Whens the big drilling day @epimer ?