Recent extremely minor irks


It’s been put on hold due to a lack of essential equipment.


Always had Epimer down as more of a grime man tbh


Ping Elon Musk, im sure he’ll have some ideas/ can repurpose his child coffin submarine



Parents taking their wee kids to the barbers for wanky haircuts that take half-an-hour to ‘create’ or whatever. “Would you like gel or wax?” asks the barber at the end. The boy’s seven FFS, he’s no exactly going out on the pull is he? Gie him a pudding bowl or a scalper, get him out the door and get the queue moving.


Mum should do it at home with kitchen scissors and a bowl on his head. It was good enough for me when I was seven.


Damn right. The kid didn’t even need a bloody haircut :rage:


@epimer here’s a handy video, let us know how you get on.


Yeh my stepdad doesn’t drop less than £300 on a drill (and then whinges that he has no money)


I am trying to get a Maine driving license. There are several irks associated with this.

  1. A law was passed in 2005 saying that all licenses needed a new security feature fitted, otherwise it can’t be considered federal ID, so can’t be used to get on planes, go to the social security office etc. Maine still hasn’t done this 13 years later…
  2. The actual license is on plastic that is slightly more robust than cardboard.
  3. When I try to book my driving exam, they just send a date and time in the post. No consultation on when my availability is, leading me to have to phone them all the time saying I can’t make the time they gave me, then they send me out a new date and time which I can’t make.

I am amazed at the incompetencies that government bodies have over here. God forbid I would ever be unfortunate to require financial assistance from them one day. Can’t imagine how horrific that must be for them to get that right.


Googled a recipe and clicked on one of those fancy blogs where the writer of it writes a ten paragraph essay of why the dish means so much to them.


I designed a little job for a client yesterday. It was described to me as an A5 Tent Card.

Today she says, ‘I forgot to tell you it should be portrait.’

I always think of tents as being more landscape in shape, if you have to speak of them in those terms.

Now I have to re-size everything to different dimensions…


A portrait tent? She should have asked for an ‘A5 Teepee card’.


I get so fucking irked by kids with “fashionable” hairstyles.


See also; every you tube “how to” vid ever - stfu and show me how to fix my washing machine!


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This is a persistent low level irking. There is enough fuel there for at least 60 miles. In fact the second before the gauge dropped into the red, the range was 86 miles.
It’s been 100+ before, but as soon as we’re into ‘low fuel’ territory the range goes to zero, which starts making me get a bit twitchy. Even though I am 99.99999% certain there is plenty of fuel to get me to my planned fuel stop, I start questioning it. Argh.


“First of all, let’s ask - what is a Windsor knot?”



The password was Cheesecake

Service Stations (polls/chat/definitive)

I used to drive an Alfa too, and I’m fairly sure it went blank at 50 miles.