Recent extremely minor irks


Good news!

We wanted to let you know that your order from Sainsbury’s is on it’s way and will be with you in the next two days.

If you won’t be home, please call or text your courier.

Nice specific window of time there.


“They’ve” moved the printer area from next to where I sit and now input a tonne of vis boards which mean that Mondays are now going to be spent with management noisily getting cross at a raft of missed targets just to my right.



I’ve bought some boring shit from Wilko

We just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know your order is on its way and will be ready to collect from your chosen store in 2 working days.

It has now been 5 working days. Tracking has no information. Irked.


Probably need to stop being really old, but I was buying some things from the local greengrocers yesterday. The items came to £3.97 so I handed over a fiver. The guy serving me then placed a £1 coin into my hand, minus the 3 pence that I should have also been given. He noticed the mildly confused look on my face so then made it more final by saying thank you.

As I was walking out of the shop I got pretty annoyed. Not because I’d been absolutely rinsed for 3p, just thought it was a bit rude. Obviously I would have put the 3p in one of the charity boxes due to being extremely generous, but it would have been nice to have the option.


yeah they do that here a lot, i think it’s a legal thing that shops aren’t required to give less than 5 cents change. i find it annoying too, stop scamming me out of my small change!


get both

the clutch on a drill-driver is very handy.

little electric screwdriver is great for simple ikea stuff and tight corners/as you say


Woah, that’s a bit of a game changer… did not know this.


fuck, thought I was replying to something recent!


On the other hand, my local shop, if it comes to £4.04 will give me a pound in change. So maybe it goes both ways.


Adobe Acrobat has changed so that there’s no longer separate zoom in and zoom out buttons at the top level - you need to click a generic zoom button and THEN zoom in or out. As my first action on opening basically every PDF at work is to zoom out a bit, this is necessitating countless extra mouse clicks a day.




I get irked everytime I see someone post @threaderapp unroll please!

There’s just something about it that really annoys me, but can’t quite put my finger on it


*threadreaderapp, obvs


The guy next to me is whisper singing, really really passionately and almost theatrically. In a quiet hot desk area.

It’s freezing my blood.


sorry, was meant for the thread - obvs…


This is annoying me as well. The other change is that the comments section is wider than before, which I do not like. I want to look at a PDF and InDesign on one screen and this company’s too mean to get us a second screen.


Kin ell grandad. Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel


47 tweet thread, unroll at the end. Infuriating.


Maybe my left hand is off doing something else.


Dear Mr ********,

_Account username: ********

An engineer is due to activate your Home Phone service on , .

Aye cheers plusnet