Recent extremely minor irks


Recently upgraded Photoshop to CC 2019. Proportional scaling is now the default when re-sizing objects and layers, whereas previously you would hold down the shift key to allow this. Slightly irked.


Listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered on the TV, so they have little images by each song.

They played ‘Sabotage’ but showed the cover of ‘Licensed to Ill’ - a completely different album, released 8 years earlier!



The way this date has been formatted to advertise this music festival




An old friend of mine is having a difficult time right now and just complained that she has no one to talk to. We’ve exchanged 22 emails so far today. No one to talk to.


23 emails so far today.


once you’ve go over the initial irk that americans do this wrong any further irkings are self irkings


how though


27 now.


you need someone far more zen than me to help you with this kind of thing


Someone has put the dishwasher on (wasn’t full) when there’s loads of washing up sat on counter tops


Took me forever to work out what that was meant to be.


Asked to borrow a drill from my father in law so I can put some lights up, “I just need a 6mm drill bit”.

Gives me a little bag with an assortment of different sized bits in there, in case I need them for other jobs while I’ve got it.

None of them are 6mm.


Just use a 2mm and a 4mm. [nods sagely]


4mil and waggle it about a bit


Have you been reading my Tinder bio?


This is precisely what I did. Well, with a 4.5mm bit. Only it wasn’t actually a 4.5mm bit, it was a silly imperial measurement - 15/32”


One for the out-of-context thread, methinks.


been chatting with a bunch of strangers online trying to make friends, and i’m all like “whereabouts do you work” or “whereabouts do you live” and they answer “oh i live at yonge and st clair” or whatever (as in, the intersection of streets) which sounds cool to say but obviously you can’t type that into gmaps and see where it is


(Use directions, put first in from, 2nd in to… then look where it takes you…)