Recent extremely minor irks



amazing! thanks so much! :slight_smile:


You can also just type in the two names with an & in the middle


Is this one of those fabled cases of … de-irking?


Almost as rare as a marckee apology or like.


Draught beer comes in oz, bottled beer comes in ml.



This might have been local to Vancouver, but I remember in a place there being offered a pint (American size) or a large pint (British size) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


File alongside people who pronounce mischievous as mis cheev ee us


Fuck it, gonna update the title.


Dave McBryan on Only Connect. And any other contestant that’s over-familiar, stalls for time, or tries to do the host’s job from a contestant’s seat.


Am on O2 Pay As You Go.

Been on a £15/month top-up bundle (£15 Big Bundle) which gives you 2Gb of data, whatever texts and minutes… for about three years. Don’t use it much but sometimes the 2Gb doesn’t quite last the month, so I thought I’d see if they had any other bundles.

They do!

For £15/month you get the exact same bundle but with FIVE Gb of data instead.

Nice to have been told that it existed, etc.


3rd December, log into O2 online and change my bundle type. Get the text saying it’s done. Then top up my £15 which goes yep all sorted. Then get the text saying “your £15 balance has been used to activate your bundle”.

However it hasn’t. Zero data, zero texts, zero minutes.

And after yesterday’s shenanigans I can’t get through to anyone to go… err… well where’s any fucking bundle.

Phone twats.


he annoyed me a lot, was disappointed that his team won comfortably


A Word document a colleague prepared was behaving a bit oddly so I turned the formatting markers on to have a look. They’ve added an extra line after each paragraph, but in 5.5 pt Calibri. It’s a 60 page document.

I just… ok.


This is like when people fill all the cells white on a spreadsheet to hide the gridlines.


He’s deleted the footer and used section breaks to create a bottom margin, too.

I’m afraid that if I keep looking at this formatting I’m going to lose my mind.


The guy is some kind of genius troll I reckon.


He did vote for Trump tbf.


Fucking up formatting to own the libs.


People trying to be helpful that it turns out are sort of not helpful, partly because you have a routine and you hate it being fucked with. That’s a double irk because you’re annoying at being irked and then you’re irked at yourself by being irked at someone being nice.


Can you leave them and go onto Giffgaff? You get the same for £12 and if you get close to using your data up towards the end of the month yhey automatically add an extra gb on for free


I think you may be being generous placing this in the “minor” irks thread, Theo. Always find this sort of thing pretty anxiety provoking.