Recent finest moments

I was very pleased with myself on my bike ride in this morning when I attempted to spit over my right shoulder but instead actually just spat on my shoulder. Great skills.

(serves you right for spitting)

Now you go.

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Poured some pasta directly into the sink because I forgot to get the colander out a couple of weeks ago


I did this a couple of weeks ago sapsy but it was my right nostril. Happens to the best of us it seems.

Got all keyed up for a Friday night gig only to find out it was, in actual fact, a Thursday night gig.


I’m extremely good at forgetting to attend gigs that I’ve purchased tickets for

Oh, that’s rough.

No one should be posting in here as there is an offensive tag and also revolting phlegm behavior (no doubt mitigated by ‘oh I was cycling’).

Sickening stuff.

I did that with a Godspeed show a couple of years ago. Oh, my tickets were for the Saturday night, not Sunday?

  • Threw away a bag of rubbish at the last minute when I was moving house, then later realised it had my favourite hat in it.

  • Made waffles in the waffle iron at work but filled it with butter rather than batter because I picked up the wrong container.

  • Filled the water container in my coffee machine at home with freshly ground coffee.

Sucks, big time. I’ve been bouncing around all morning thinking ‘Yay, gig tonight!’ and then had a look at the band Facebook page to see if stage times were up…

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  • Ordered a pint of batter in the pub.
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Stop showing off that you can spell flem.

i can’t believe it’s not batter

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You disgust me.

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Seems an unnecessary level of forward planning

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only done this once but it definitely didn’t feel good

did you salvage the pasta…?

Is that a drug thing?

i very nearly poured some pasta into the colander without holding it over the sink first the other day. luckily realised what i was about to do before i poured boiling water all over the floor