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Earplugs with headphones inside, fuckin love these. Can fall asleep listening to podcasts and block out all the other shit. Brilliant.


wbu? anything good?

How do these differ from normal foam tips please?


I’ve started using an app for sleeping where it plays ambient noises of like waves breaking and some rain and some “Tibetan Bowls” and stuff

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shit earphone twat!

I don’t think that’s very kind. I was simply asking it as a genuine question

Have genuinely been playing this quite a bit.

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What does that mean for the laymen among us?

Thank you.

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What is this please


Pretty sure that would just make me need a wee.

How does it know!?

Do you like needing a wee?

No. Especially not when I’m trying to sleep.
I do like the sound of crashing waves though, when I’m on a boat or by the water.

These are just earphones with buds that isolate well.

I, on the other hand, hate being near water or on a boat but I’m enjoying the sound of them when trying to sleep

I sleep on my side so wearing earphones in bed is a total no-go for me.


Finally someone gets it

I sleep on my side, they’re comfortable enough