Recent huge mistakes/banal


Just had a blue Quality Street because for some unknown reason I thought they were fudge or caramel or something and not a shit Bounty. Absolutely gutted.


they must be a contender for the worst one but tell me epimer, why did you try it, it’s hardly a new one is it?


sold off all the weapons i didn’t need and filled my inventory with health packs and wrenches but then walked into a room and got one-hit killed and now i’ve lost all that stuff and i’m pretty fucked tbh


I don’t have some kind of encyclopaedic Quality Street knowledge, foppyish!

There were no fruit ones, i.e. the best ones, left, so I had to go quite far down my list of preferences.


Wrenches? What sort of game is this?



(it’s a silent hill themed dungeon crawler/rpg, you use them to repair weapons)


Oh right. Sounds cool. Is this a phone game or something properly hardcore?


So sleepy.

So bored.

Why hasn’t Tom from Decathlon called me again ffs?





what on earth are you doing eating Quality Street a month after Christmas?


They’re OBVIOUSLY in the work kitchen.




“The newly expanded edition”


Wait. Is this STILL going on?


every time i log into


Yes. I had two voicemails from his yesterday afternoon and the last one said he thought it would be here today. But: today I’ve not heard from him.


it’s on the PS vita which i had to buy specifically to play it, and it is terrible


Ah, right. Well I don’t have one of those and you’re not really selling it either. Thanks though.


Have you rung him back since the second voicemail, though?