Recent imdb facts

Found any good ones lately?

I’ve shared mine a few times but the fact that Victoria Wood recorded a theme song for Return to Oz

(Not really a fact but I also noticed when reading about the cast of Modern Family how a large proportion of the cast members have serious underlying health problems)


Not really an imdb fact or a recent discovery but my favourite ever fact is who the voice that says ‘you know when you’ve been tangoed’ is.

Cool story


It’s Gil Scott Heron, probably should have mentioned that.


This went from being a boring fact to an amazing fact!


A trailer for Hereditary was once accidentally shown at the start of Peter Rabbit, causing a small panic

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A good thing I found out lately is that Andy’s Mom (Mum) is, cinema’s greatest ever Mom (Mum), Laurie Metcalf!

Anne Sellors still has the perfect acting history.

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