Recent impulse purchases

Bought a t-shirt for a YouTube channel the other night. Not sure why. It’s pink.

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You fucking mug

Might be nice?

Lobby dust pan and brush. Fuck off bending over!


Actually haven’t properly checked to see if the guy who runs the channel is a Nazi. Should do that before wearing it out.

a stupid fucking star trek t shirt

Just bought a couple of Waves plugins while they’re on sale. I’m pushing my my ‘you can never have too much reverb’ philosophy to the limit.


2 (two) Greggs sausage rolls

M&S armchair and coffee table last night. Both grey

Are they like glade plugins? What scent have you gone for


did u eat them together

let’s see it then

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One at the start and one at the end of my actual lunch.

Bough a second hand mark 2 Canon EF 2x extender

(camera nerd)

A padlock and a length of chain for a slightly theatrical way of keeping our teenage son out of the chocolate biscuit tin. He’s going to flip his nut.

90% of my time these days is devoted to winding my kids up.


Not sure of the name of the scent but it promises to make my home smell like an infinite howling void.

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That is coincidentally what I’ve named my butthole


Two silly t-shirts
Boost Bites

Bought a Hitchcock Blu-ray box set from Fopp yesterday for £8. It is Volume 2 so it has all the later films. I watched ‘Frenzy’ last night, it was…quite good.