Recent low points


-the time i spent my rare(ish) Peter rabbit 50p because I was hungry and 20p short
-the time I got told off very loudly by an old woman for putting my shoes on the chair on the bus (fair enough but it was veey embarrassing and i usually don’t even do that)
Now you


thinking I only had a tenner till pay day, discovering a 20 quid note in my bag pocket and feeling as though I’ve won the lottery.


Hummus Bros puts out these nice little falafel and hummus pots outside their cafe for people to try. Stood there and had about 5 this lunchtime, completely took the piss.


Followed through a bit when i had hangover on saturday


I think splitting my trousers when I arrived at work a couple of Mondays ago was a particular low-light


Coca-Cola were handing out Diet Cokes at Kings Cross the other week, I went to each of the 4 seperate stalls and asked for 2 cans from each.


I was mean to someone on DiS once I forget who.

Sorry whoever it was :frowning:


I’ve never forgiven you


Having someone (who I find desperately hard work to tolerate at the best of times) speak to me whilst having their earphones in. I mouthed my reply to try and make a point.


The exact same thing but with a Mrs Tiggywinkle. Guiltiest Snickers I’ve ever had.


sorry :frowning:


Fucking hell man.

DIET coke :frowning:




I know! Not a Coke Zero to be seen.


Did something like this with fizzy smart water in paddington, dont even like fizzy water just liked that it was free :sob:


Years ago they were handing out travel-sized cans of the deodorant I use at my gym. I grabbed about 20. Still got a few in my stick bag – ideal.

Fuck 'em.


Is that a euphemism for a jockstrap?


Oh also before that someone did a little stumble getting on the Tube and I giggled which caused strangers to glare at me. Cunts.


Haha, aaah, this isn’t that recent but that time I had to use a felt tip pen to fill in my melted eyeliner because I’d spent yet another day crying in work. I remember laughing between sobs.


Just walked home in th rain