Recent minor gripes


My normal jeans got a hole in them the other day, went to the shop yesterday to buy a replacement pair of the exact same ones. Picked up what I thought were the same jeans, same exact size etc, got them home, longer leg than my existing pair.

How can the same shop differ in leg length when they are the same exact size!?


Got to go from Leeds to Dover to give a 30 minute presentation the week after next.
Fucking ridiculous


Tolerance, friend.


life, man. just… eh.




I keep blasting holes through my tissues with the force of my sneezing. I have perennial rhinitis which means I’m constantly a bit sniffly with a stuffed up nose. Just bought a massive pack of tissues which can’t stand my sneezing so have to buy more (the best brand is the gold Kleenex but they’re hard to find)
:sneezing_face: <- basically me all the time


The doorstop in the kitchen is just big enough to hold the kitchen door open, but if you stand on the lino around it, the door goes over it, and SHUTS. V annoying, but easily sortable.


Classic minor gripe that, thanks William.


I kind of feel your pain. Bought a pair of blue slacks and black slacks, both the same style, size etc just different colours. Blue fit like a glove and the black ones look ridiculous. What gives Tone?


Bit too chilly for my liking


Nonsense innit. 30 x 30 is a measurement, it’s not some vague notional sizing that you would expect discrepancies between, it is a factual measurement. The new pair are a good inch and a half longer than the old pair though. My gf was trying to tell me it’s because I’d accidentally bought ‘Straight’ cut instead of ‘Slim’ cut or some bullshit but why would that make a 30L a 31.5L!?

Fuck off, clothes.


Yesterday was chilly, today is mild.


Sorry are you inside my body?




It is chilly in here, take it from me.


Now that I understand you are talking about internal chilliness I will accept this.


Levi jeans are always different sizes; no idea why they bother sticking the waist/leg sizes on them.


Bought a three-pack of socks, there was only two in there when I opened the packaging. I have the receipt, but it seems silly to bother going back to swap them. Each sock is worth 50p in theory.


I absolutely would not bother going back to swap them.


Have to either go to Birmingham this afternoon for a short-notice meeting, or dial-in, which will keep me here late.