Recent miscellaneous anecdotes

  • I answered the door to someone a few weeks ago and he asked if my mum and dad were in. I’m 26.
  • I was buying some spread at the weekend and a guy came up to me and asked if lard is vegetarian.

Just basically things that have happened recently.


Were your Mum and Dad in?


yeah, but I lied and said they weren’t


Nice one! (I think I must have also suffered the same thing in my mid to late twenties)


had a chat with a guy yesterday who had been watching some geese come into a beach near him for the last couple of weeks… they left the day before for warmer lands and he was pretty sad.

I asked him if he’d seen The Sopranos, but he said he didn’t have a TV.


I got ID’d for buying beer recently. I’ll be 30 in a matter of weeks.


Might have been Lucien.


lap this up, ya big turkey. one day you’ll wake up and this will never happen again


That’s great, now can you put your mummy or daddy on for me?


Hey, don’t say that.


it was Steve. he wants me to sell some stuff for him on ebay/gumtree. he doesn’t have a computer. feel compelled to do this for him, despite only meeting him yesterday


and obviously the geese thing


I got ID’d when I ordered a glass of wine with my meal in a restaurant recently.

just realised I dont have a UK passport or driving licence right now so cant buy booze off jobsworths haha


I sometimes think that Lucien may not even have been his real name.


someone asked me directions to the nearest costa. I said the coffee shop we were literally standing outside had good coffee. they said no, had to be a costa. I said then I think sauchiehall street is the closest. they said no, not that one because they didn’t have cream. so I said I dunno then. they said their phone was telling them to go that way and I said I think that’s taking you to a petrol station costa express thing they’ve probably not got any cream there either you’re better going the other way. so they did.

anecdote ends.



LOVE when you ask people if they’ve seen a show and they reply that they’ve not got a tv as if it’s necessary hahahaha.


hahah amazing. bet they called a taxi to take them in the end.


I hear that smokers hate it when you do the same for “I don’t smoke” when asked if you have a lighter/cigarette.

Can anyone confirm/deny?


Now I feel bad :frowning: