Recent mistakes

Need to tighten the ol’ purse strings so got a greggs meal deal for lunch. Big mistake.


Often come out of meetings in work feeling like I’ve said too much, I’ve haven’t said enough or I’ve said the wrong thing.

Alright Michael Stipe.


Put some Salvon on my leg wound which hasn’t healed yet and it now seems to be worse than it was?

Got a tiler in to do the kitchen - called yesterday to say he was three tiles short.

Had to order 3 tiles and pay delivery as if it was loads of tiles.

Ah well “measure twice, order tiles once”. Lesson (probably not) Learned.

How odd! I was about to do a thread called “Recent Life Changes” about something which may well prove to be a mistake so I’ll put it here instead.

Was getting ready this morning, about to put my Kindle in my bag as normal and I thought ‘the fuck do I need a bag for anyway? I only ever get my Kindle in and out of it or an umbrella if it’s raining, it’s not gonna rain and I can carry my Kindle so what the fuck do I need a bag for?’ so I don’t have a bag on me today which might turn out to be a mistake if I need to take anything home with me.


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with the advent of the plastic bag tax (and also climate change too if you must) you can’t not carry a bag these days!

had my appraisal at work today and mistakenly said that a bit of work was scheduled to be completed in July, mixing it up with another bit due to be finished around christmas time. Pretty much instantly realized my error, but just kept the lie going anyway. Hopefully my boss’s boss (the person the appraisal was with) will forget.

Exactly. God, @anon5266188, this is such a disastrous move.

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the n00ber hath become the n00bee

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i think you’ve made the right choice. i say go bag-free. my kindle fits in my pocket. i have to have a damned good reason to have a bag with me.

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I’ve got to be honest Fopps, and forgive me for this. But the 5p charge on plastic bags has literally not changed my plastic bag consumption one single bit. I just buy one any time I need one because 5p is such a pathetic amount of money that I don’t care about paying it.


You fucking monster!!!


those in glass airplanes, planik


Left my laptop charger at home



that joke is very out of date now I cycle, you know?

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Thanks for the support IV, I think it might be a revolution for me tbh

Downsides so far have been that I don’t really know what to do with my hands when waiting to cross the road or before the train stops and I’m by the door or whatever, used to be able to just whack one on the bag strap or something but now they’re both just dangling by my side like conspicuous idiots.


tax it like the plastic bags tax, plasticniki tax