Recent new experiences


I had my nostrils waxed by a Turkish barber this week. He asked if I wanted a bunch of extra stuff done while the clippers were right next to my ear and I agreed to it all without really being able to hear what I was agreeing to.

It wasn’t that bad, actually.


What was the other extra stuff?


Eyebrow trim and setting my ears on fire. Standard.


I thought I was experiencing joy the other day, but it was just trapped wind.


Had my ears done for the first time a couple months ago. Was fine.


The first time I had that done I had no clue what was happening. Apparently I’ve got a great poker face, though, because my expression in the mirror was utterly unphased while my inner monologue was screaming “WHY THE FUCK IS THERE FIRE”

Peak Britishness achieved - too polite to ask why a stranger appeared to be about to set fire to my head.


I have recently for the first time both Filed and clipped my fingernails (on separate occasions, I’m not s maniac) since stopping biting them.


Spent 2 or 3 minutes watching Ed Sheeran jumping about on the Pyramid Stage with his guitar.


Slapped a jelly fish on the head, it was horrible!


Didn’t catch a cold/have more than a day of snivelling for like 3 months, I’ve got perennial rhinitis/hayfever/crap immunity and breathing problems I had to be hospitalised for as a kid so this is actually amazing, it’s never happened before for this long :sob: :tada:


I ate a Cadbury’s Double Decker for the first time about 10 days ago.

Happy to discover I’ve not been missing out on much,


really laughing picturing your face as this guy whispers in your ear if you want “a bunch of extra stuff done”


had a poached egg for the first time yesterday

would have again bot not on a fucking fry up for fucks sake


you’ve never had a poached egg before??


I was on holiday. Figured why not.


i had not

i have only recently started eating eggs properly


They don’t come in tins or can be stored in the freezer, so your story checks out.


What does improper egg eating look like? On second thoughts, maybe don’t answer that.

Discovered this new flavour of Arla yogurts the other day

A+ highly recommended.


love it when my barbers give me the full works