Recent purchases that have significantly improved your quality of life

You totally deserve better wiper blades, Epimer!


life improved by 0.25% since purchase. sounds fucking GREAT

Thanks bbz xoxo

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I bought 11 packets of the halloween blackberry jaffa cake bars, when they were on half price offer last weekend.

Last week I finally took the financial plunge and bought myself a fancy digital piano. This will improve my mental health significantly.


I’ve had the offer of being able to inherit an acoustic (upright) piano… I’m weighing up the positive impact (that learning the piano might have on my mental health) against the negative impact (that my attempts will have on my neighbours).

I would absolutely 100% take it! If you’ve got room for it and it’s going to cost you nothing then go for it.

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Some proper good eyedrops to make contact lenses more comfortable. Stops my eyes going bloodshot after five hours too.

Yeah I’ll talk to my brother and sister but if they don’t want it then we might take it. It’s a Petrof and is in nice enough condition.

Our nextdoor neighbour is a concert pianist. I have to be honest - it is really f**king iritating. He practices most days and it is really, really loud. Thankfully he’s moving soon.

Yes! They are brilliant.

Huh, had you pegged as an only child @safetywink



A hoodie that is actually warm, looks nice and fits well.

Thanks TK Maxx…

A winter Buff for the bike commute to school.

An Oxo Y Vegetable peeler.

I might end up slicing off a finger, but its so much easier to peel with that the old standard peeler that we had.

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Good purchase! As a leftie, they revolutionised my peeling.

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I have recently upgraded to this:

I did not pay that price. It’s a different world of peeling.

Gillette. The best a potato can get.