Recent restaurant innovations

Bet the LME have had this for ages now, but I was in a restaurant last night that had a button on the wall next to your table that you pressed when you needed someone to come take your order etc. It made a bulb light up on a big board that was visible to the whole restaurant.

I’m a fan. Seems like it made the waiting staff’s life easier, and meant I didn’t have to do the awful thing where you desperately try to catch the eye of the staff when you need something.

Was this your first trip to Yo Sushi?


fu sadpunk

Excuse me, I’m more of a Japas man.

It wasn’t (technically) a chain restaurant, ACTUALLY.

Chain or not, you’re not getting away with suggesting this is a recent innovation.


I suppose it’s better than someone clicking like an utter cunt or waving their hand around like a ninny, still something a bit stilted and dehumanising about it though so overall kindly place it within the ocean thanking you.

I don’t get out much.

Also I don’t go to Yo Sushi because I’m a better class of human than that, obviously.

Was this the Cambridge Smokeworks by any chance?

You know the Brazilian restaurants where you flip cards if you want more meat?

No one pays attention to that

Nightmare going out with #continentalfriends for whom this is perfectly standard and not considered rude.

Not a problem for me anymore, though, because they’re all getting the fuck out of this sinking ship and moving back to their respective home countries, so thanks for that, David Cameron.

It was not, but same owners.

I have never seen this before, so it is an innovation to me.

Sounds good


Thank you for your much-needed support itt.

When you say restaurant, you mean the Sidney Street Sainsbury’s, and when you say a bulb, you mean a red light because you’ve made a hash of putting your shopping into your shopping back, right?

Yep didn’t realise this but went for food with #workmates the other day and the way one of us behaved, who does happen to be Spanish, actually mortified me.

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Sound. I actually spoke to the waitress in the Smokeworks about it and she said she really preferred it as a system.

Only works in small restaurants though really.

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waste of time

if i’m still conscious then i want more food, obviously

Seems like this is both the future – great idea and gets rid of the problems you’ve mentioned, but also like it was around in the good old days. I can imagine an old school diner having something like this, with cool neon lights on the wall for each table. But I might just be thinking of Grim Fandango or something.

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And you’re sure you weren’t just on an aeroplane?

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