Recent run-ins with wildlife

A fox crawled under our barbecue cover and died a few weeks ago, we didn’t realise until it was in a very unpleasant way. Had to get rid of it and I think it was one of the most traumatising things that I’ve done.

Just got in from work to find maybe 20 flies on one of our windows. I am hoping this is not an infestation…

i got chased by some pigeons in a park the other day

(i did not kick them)

Crikey, this is not how I expected the thread to open. Sounds bleak :frowning:


Is that a Spunge reference? What year is this?

There was a cat which lived in an AirBnB I was in a couple of weeks back. I hate cats but thought I’d be polite and stroke it. It mewed contentedly for three strokes, lulling me into a false sense of security, and then turned quick as a flash and bit my hand. Dickhead.

I did not cover myself in any glory whatsoever. Freaked the fuck out about it. I once asked my Dad to get rid of a dead goldfish for me when I was about 20…


it also happened in the daytime

We got woken up by a family of foxes at 1am last night. I had to shoo them away.

I had a big shield bug land on me at a picnic on Sunday.

there’s a lady on my street who chases foxes away with a broom. i don’t like that lady one bit!

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was in liverpool a few weeks back

I went to a cat cafe in Malaysia. I was in there for 2 seconds before a cat bit me.

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This really isn’t SFW but it was the first thing which sprang to mind.

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Any guinea pigs involved?


Had to help a driver extract a (dead) pheasant from behind the grill of a truck a few weeks back.

It was in good shape (had gone through a gap and got wedged rather than being smashed) and was frozen solid (it was back when we had Winter III). Would’ve done nicely for dinner tbh.

@urbanfox kicking this a like has made my day

Had a fly infestation last summer. Still haunts me.

(That was a reply to @Antpocalypsenow btw)

Uh oh! How many did you have?

Thousands. Something died in the loft and the maggots were dropping down through small gaps where the pipes came down into the kitchen and bathroom. Took me way too long to establish the source. Had to buy a DustBuster. One of the worst weeks of my life

almost got attacked by a dog the other day. charged me, teeth bared, the lot. just stood there completely still out of fear, and it stopped right before me and then retreated when its owner shouted at it.