Recent strange t-shirt slogan sightings


Guy on my train yesterday was wearing this:

Any advances on that?


doesn’t even rhyme


That’s a very strange cut t-shirt. It’s like flares


I actually just saw one and thought about sharing it but realised I didn’t have a place to do so, until this thread! Thanks, Ant.

It was this:


There seems to be a real upturn in slogan clothes with that kind of font at the minute, it’s weird.


I expect there were quite a few advances on austro-hungarian soldiers in 1915




For fuck’s sake


I tried to explain to my bf recently the trend of people referring to themselves as having a brand or being a brand

I did this by talking about the cat going in and out and being indesive and i said “thats very on-brand for cats”

Not on a t-shirt but still. Weird.



is one of his problems that he’s now well over a hundred years old


Probably could be in fairness


looks like they let you put any old shit on a t-shirt these days



Hold on, does mean we can mention any old story in here, as long as we stick something about a t-shirt in the in end?


Not recent (but at least it’s about a t-shirt), I was thinking about those ipood t-shirts recently, why on earth would anyone want to wear that?


Obviously this is the opposite of shit, but my mum turned up to vote in the last GE (in her properly tory village hall) wearing this :heart:


You can do what you like, friend. I’m becoming an increasingly big fan of just loose free-form chats within threads. That “Got any opinions” thread the other week was excellent.


you lost, get over it!!!


i must’ve missed that, sounds like a thread