Recent strange t-shirt slogan sightings

Saw a guy with a Reel Big Fish shirt on at lunchtime, thought of DiS

How about if they’re a baby?

:smiley: came to post this

Most of H&M t-shirts don’t make sense to me.

so retro…1998 :frowning:

yah babe

this says we matter (white people??)

but babies don’t really know what they’re wearing, grown ups have to do it all for them

NEVER underestimate a baby


When I was a student I took great pride in wearing this

Still no idea what it means


(I still have it somewhere)

1998 is as retro as if you wore a 1979 t-shirt in 1998

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Oh boy


Especially hyggers’ baby

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Saw a man in Lidl wearing a T-shirt that said ‘my favourite beer is my next beer’. He looked like he had a drink problem

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Loads of people at uni knocked about in the ‘communist party’ t-shirt

I saw someone with a KEEP CALM t-shirt recently, which said

It was the underlined “am” that did me.


Classic t that, you still see it out and about sometimes

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That’s fucking wonderful

I would say it’s 4 years since I last saw one

To the day!? What a coincidence!

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